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Audits & Consultancy

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Audit Packages

Everyone who runs a catering operation is required to manage food safety properly, ensuring the food that you serve or sell is safe to eat.

Foodservice Options offers a comprehensive range of audit packages, Gold, Silver and Bronze Options are available. The level of support offered by each package is tiered which will allow you to choose the option that is best suited to your needs.


We pride ourselves on our friendly professional service, we can design and deliver audit packages to the specific needs of your business ensuring you and your staff comply with the law and adopt best practice to produce food to the highest standard. We will provide independent advice on all aspects of catering whether it is supplying equipment or adopting safe working practices for your school.

  • Risk assessment and management of safe working systems and practices in the workplace in line with current regulations
  • Monitoring and review of HACCP procedures, implementation and auditing of systems and records
  • Health and safety assessments to comply with current legislation and best working practice
  • Monitoring and review of COSHH procedures, implementation and auditing of systems and records
  • Practical assessment of preparation, cooking and presentation of hot and cold foods to comply with current legislation and best working practice

Additional Services

  • Full premise audit review
  • Stock control and management (Additional Service which is chargeable separately)
  • Performance review
  • Helpline offering advice from professional and experienced employees on dealing with problems
  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Certified Food Hygiene training
  • Operations manual providing guidance and support to unit managers and Bursars or Senior Management Officers. (Additional Cost)
  • Promote healthy eating options in catering
  • Advice and guidance in recruitment and selection of employees
  • Deep cleaning of equipment, fans, ceilings and canopies with certificate of cleaning
  • Advice on purchasing options for new equipment
  • Realistic quotes on replacement and removal of equipment and supply of services by qualified trades people
  • Planning and design of new kitchens and refurbishments